Susmile at the VIII logistics conference in Euskadi


Last week we had the  opportunity to present our Serious Game, Susmile, at  the Empack and Logistics & Automation Bilbao, within  the VIII logistics conference organized by  the Mobility and Logistics Cluster of Euskadi (and part of the consortium of companies that have helped in the design and development of the simulator  ). For those who did not have the opportunity to attend, Susmile is a simulator in which the user manage a logistics company to distribute orders, focusing on sustainable last-mile logistics. The experience of testing the game with the attendees was enriching. Seeing people interested in it and receiving their feedback was very satisfying.

Leire Balzategi presenting the serious game Susmile within the day.

One of the highlights of Susmile is its focus on sustainability. With growing concern about environmental impact, we aim to raise awareness of the importance of reducing carbon emissions in freight transport. For this reason, the player must find solutions that minimize emissions and costs, such as optimizing delivery routes and using electric vehicles.

Another challenge posed by Susmile is the optimization of resources. In the last mile, efficiency is key to ensuring that orders arrive on time and in perfect conditions. The player must handle a large number of variables and make quick and accurate decisions to ensure smooth logistics, every detail counts.

In our presentation, attendees had the opportunity to test their skills against each other to obtain the highest efficiency and reduce costs. The experience was very rewarding for us as we had real-time feedback from attendees expressing their interest in using it as a training tool.

In short, Susmile is a learning tool that combines the fun of a video game with the seriousness of a business training tool. Sustainable last mile logistics is a critical area for any company that wants to maintain a competitive advantage in an increasingly demanding market.

From our team, we want to thank the attendees for their interest in Susmile and their participation in the event. We hope that the game will be a useful tool to improve efficiency in your companies and promote sustainability in the logistics sector.

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