Innovative e-learning solutions that improve results through increased engagement
“If you think training is expensive, try ignorance”.
Derek Bok

Made-to-measure solutions to bring the best out of your team

At Ikasplay we help you to improve the key processes for the development and retaining of talent in your organization. How?

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    We understand your training needs

    Developing and keeping talent. Offering training in which what is taught is learned and made use of, and organization is more efficient.

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    We measure results

    Our methodology enables us to measure the impact of the training in the improvement of real productivity and return on investment.

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    We implement LMS technology and platforms

    We make use of the latest technology in order to make use of users' experience in a way which is compatible with any online LMS platform.

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    Scaled experiences

    We create scaled solutions which simulate the work environment in order to enhance your employees knowledge and skills.

"If you want to improve like never before, stop training as always"

Training for people and organizations

There are new ways of learning. Organizations' training needs also change. Face-to-face training is expensive and it is difficult to measure how long its effects last, its real impact and the profitability of the investment.

Online training is thought of as being boring and with low participation rates. At Ikasplay we have found the solution to the problem of low participation, and to measuring real impact in terms of productivity, with an competitive, ad hoc solution.

Improve your organization's results

Your organization will have more effective training, which will be reflected in better performance from employees who take part in key processes.

More motivated, better trained people

Training will enable you to get people involved with their positions, motivating them and making them pro-active in their own learning and, consequently, in the improvement of their work and its results.

The perfect combination
A made-to-measure and competitive solution

The objective is always training in a way you can pass on the knowledge defined by the organization in an entertaining way, adapted to the needs of the people being trained: accessibility, time available, previous knowledge... They will be learning by playing once again, as they did when they were children.

Our ingredients
Contents and formats

We create rigorous and entertaining contents for each specific case. Rigour and fun are compatible.

Scaled design

Our products offer fluent users' experience in order to create better engagement during the learning process.

Simulated and controlled surroundings

We put learning in a context at the workplace by simulating the surroundings. In this way we show its real use, which makes learning more effective.

The latest technology

Simulators, interactive media, mobile applications, augmented reality, virtual reality, movement capture… we use the latest technology to create the best solutions for all platforms.

Compatible with LMS platforms

Our solutions are compatible and integrate with most organizations' online LMS platforms.


In our ten years of experience at Ikasplay, we have worked for some of the most innovative national companies, involved with your company's main areas: Human resources, marketing, operations…

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