These are some of the challenges we have faced. You're next.

Preventing labour risks
  • Implementing processes to improve safety at the workplace
  • Dealing with situations with CPR risks
  • Raising safety standards
Skills and Organisation
  • Training in leadership
  • Training in conflict management
  • Reception plans
  • Simulating the advantages of incorporating and appropriately maintaining complex assets
  • Developing skills for team work
  • Standardising processes in companies with wide-spread workforces
  • Encouraging continuous training using gamification contents
  • Make innovations in educational material and motivate students
  • Study maths by playing
  • Motivate the habit of reading
  • Encourage studying using games techniques
  • Disseminate the advantages of new technology
  • Encourage initiate and team work
  • Integrate socio-emotional skills
  • Improve consumer experience with the brand
  • Spread the service or brand by using technology
  • Enhance the brand's visibility
  • New products launch, campaigns and user experience
  • Improve web usability and app for increasing traffic and leads
  • Training in improving productive processes using innovation (lean management)
  • Training in developing management skills in complex processes
Customer satisfaction
  • Training to increase customer satisfaction rates
  • Training in optimising customer service
  • Training in managing commercial complaints
Commercial teams
  • Efficient motivation and management during the sales process
  • Training in commercial negotiation
  • Training in optimising cross-selling
  • Training in languages to improve communication at the point of sale
  • Support rehabilitation
  • Programmes for cognitive improvement
  • Prevention, early detection and treating neurodegenerative illnesses
  • Sticking to treatments

The advantages of innovative training

  • Control the training process using indicators of continued effort

  • Develop skills and knowledge

  • Increase users’ motivation (engagement)

  • Designing made-to-measure solutions