Last week we had the  opportunity to present our Serious Game, Susmile, at  the Empack and Logistics & Automation Bilbao, within  the VIII logistics conference organized by  the Mobility and Logistics Cluster of Euskadi (and part of the consortium of companies that have helped in the design and development of the simulator  ). For those […]

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In a previous post, we shared, in a very general way, how and with what tools we had made in Ikasplay the design and development of the Susmile project’s Serious Game. We find now interesting to focus on the mathematical model, since it is what has aroused the most interest. Where do you start? Like […]

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We are already in 2022… it seems that it was yesterday when the year ended and we are already in April, thinking about the Easter holidays 😉…  The entire consortium of companies keep working the SUSMile project, where we have already defined in more detail the Serious Game that will ease the learning of  competences […]

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