Serious game for a sustainable last mile logistics


We continue working hard all the companies that make up the consortium of the SUSMile project, in the design and development of learning materials and resources to improve competencies and skills  within the field of sustainable logistics. 

In recent months we have been working on the contents and resources of the project and we are beginning to design what the Serious Game will be like. In this post, we are going to give a few brushstrokes of how we are going to specify this game, without revealing many secrets 😉.

how do we approach the Serious Game?

The Serious Game will be a “decision making” game in an urban 3D scenario where the user will have to make decisions (based on the theory-elearning materials) to design a new delivery model for his/her business.

Its main objective is to facilitate the successful implementation, understanding and interpretation of the project’s learning modules.

which is the learning methodology?

The proposed training strategy is based on an experimental training with trial and error format that will be divided into 4 stages:  think, plan, do, observe.

Stage 1 – Think. The player studies a context, analyzing the data and indicators that the SG shows: City environment, company results, types of shops and businesses…

Stage 2 – Plan. After the previous analysis, the player takes some decisions. These decisions will be linked to his/her game evolution and with the resources that the player has obtained in the game.

Stage 3 – Do. The simulation runs (e.g., one month, one week, one day…) and the player sees the outcomes (e.g., how many deliveries have been done, what the revenues are, how customers are satisfied…).

Stage 4 – Observe. The player reviews the results (e.g., graphics, historical data, etc.) and reflects about the outcomes of his choices.

Once you reach the last stage, you start again at stage 1 to reintroduce new decisions trying to always improve the results in the game.

ok, methodology understood, but what will the game be like?

The main idea is to propose to the user the management of a small logistics company in a city. It will start with the most basic tools and procedures in business management, to incorporate better tools through decisions and see their results.

The decisions made by the player directly or indirectly affect the indicators defined in the game, which are as follows:

  1. Customer satisfaction: satisfy customers’ requests, in respect of their requirements.
  2. Cost control: ensure timely operations within available budget and no penalty.
  3. Environmental impact: measure and control technology and organisation´s impact on environment.

With this, the main objective is to satisfy the requirements of its customers, using the minimum possible budget for it and impacting as little as possible on the environment.

The decisions that are made will improve the productivity and efficiency of the sustainable last mile distribution.

And what about its graphic appearance?

We are designing an imaginary city with its “typical” characteristics: old town, low emission zone established, cycling paths, priority to green vehicles, etc.

An aerial/isometric visualization of the city will be used, in the style of the famous strategy games(e.g. Sim City, Cities Skylines, Age of empires, Civilization … ).

As a scoop, we leave you some conceptual sketches that we have been working on in recent weeks.

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